MCS-Pharma GmbH

Brief presentation of MCS Pharma GmbH

MCS Pharma based in Hanau (Germany) is operating in 2 business divisions acting as a Service- and a Tradingcompany.

As a Service company we design business solutions and marketing strategies for our clients.

We support you in dealing with regulatory affairs, obtaining Registration and Notification for OTC Drugs, Food Supplements and CE Products and in organizing clinical trials or field research studies.

As a Trading company we are active in the trade of well renowned products of the naturopathic area like OTC Drugs, Food Supplements and CE Products for health care.

History of MCS Pharma GmbH

MCS Pharma GmbH was founded in 1993 in Hanau (Germany) by Dr. H. Grossmann.

The identity of MCS Pharma defined itself in the first decade after its founding by providing advisory service, dealing with regulatory affairs and the export of ethical drugs to many countries of Eastern Europe and Asia (totals 18 countries).

Since 1993 until today MCS Pharma GmbH obtained more than 190 registrations and import licenses for pharmaceuticals, natural remedies, CE Products and diagnostics.

Until the year of 2003 MCS Pharma exported select ethical and OTC drugs from Germany, France and Italy to countries like Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro different Baltic countries and the Phillipines.

Some of our biggest clients during this period were renowned companies like Fresenius AG, Berlin Chemie AG (Menerini Group), Ratiopharm (Merckle Group), Hexal, Shering AG, Pascoe, Life Pharma, Engelhard, Protina, Famouze, DHU and many others.

In 2003 we sold our export branch dealing with ethical drugs and focussed on exporting OTC Drugs, Food Supplements and CE Products since.

Current activities and development

MCS Pharma GmbH is currently cooperating with carefully selected producers of OTC Drugs, Food Supplements, CE Products and natural remedies from Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Our business is focussed on few very strong brands and countries promising short-term success.
MCS Pharma GmbH has recently been collaborating with over 30 free medical reps for Pharmacies and Physicians and several 'Rent a Rep'-Services in two countries.

In order to promote our products we design web presences in native language and organize marketing campaigns for radio and print media.

Our export commerce's primary markets are Romania, Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova, Russia, and the Ukraine.

Our Vision for the future of MCS Pharma GmbH

With 20 years of successful business experience, domestic and abroad, our ambition is to continue to offer our selected clientel a partnership based on competence, reliability and local presence in many export countries.
Today and in the future the quality of our service and international network guarantee the best for our clients.

Dr. Grossmann
CEO MCS Pharma GmbH, Germany

MCS-Pharma GmbH - Your specialist for export, marketing and promotion of natural remedies